Wednesday 30 April 2008

Crissie Black

Chrissie returned to the airwaves to play her own blend of acoustic music as well as cover versions.

The session is available for download HERE

The video was filmed in the studios of Abbey FM

Bank Holiday Weekend Line Up

This weekend is the May Day bank Holiday which means the usual changes so that we all get a bit of a holiday.

The complete line up for me is as follows

Tonight (Wed 30th April) Crissy Black acoustic session from 10pm
Thursday 1st May Gwen Hechle with the requests played acoustically

Friday Night from 10pm is the retro dance party playing the best of the 60s 70s 80s and 90s spanning 4 decades of great party tunes

Saturday is my day off. Yes, I do get one from time to time

Sunday night is Bank Holiday Sunday meaning no late night phone in this week but it does return next Sunday

Bank Holiday monday sees me presenting the 10am til 2pm lunchtime slot

Then Tuesday 6th May things return to normal and my guest on the acoustic hour is cari Flower

Audio Features

I have made a slight change to this blog resulting in the audio section being moved around a little bit. All audio features can be found by clicking the link at the top of the page or bookmarking this link Note that there is no "www" there.

Tuesday 29 April 2008

Jon Regan and Carl Fallows [Furness Fest]

Jon Regan from the JR Experience joined me in the studio for an acoustic session and also to talk about the upcoming Furness Fest. Also in the studio was Furness Fest organiser Carl Hallows and between Jon and Carl they had a great session chatting about the upcoming festival as well as playing some home brewed acoustic tracks by Jon.

pictured are Carl Fallows and Jon Regan.

The complete interview and session can be downloaded HERE.

A video of one of the songs played live is below

Monday 28 April 2008


Tonights live acoustic session was with newly formed band called Oakbank. They are Ben, Joe and Harry from Ulpha and came to Barrow to perform live on the acoustic show.

They have been around only a few month and have their first gig in Coniston this weekend.

On the radio they came over as a friendly bunch who were eager to play on the radio but at the same time sounded quite nervous. On saying that, they are new to the music scene and I`m sure that with a little perseverance and some creative songwriting that they could make something of it.

The interview is available for download HERE

A video taken in the studio is below

Sunday 27 April 2008

This weeks guest line up

Coming up this week is another week of live acoustic sessions.

Monday 28th April Turtle Soup
Tuesday 29th April Jonny Regan and the JR Experience
Wednesday 30th April Crissie Black
Thursday 1st May Gwen Hechle, The requests by popular demand

Tuesday night will also see Carl Hallows from Furness Fest joining us in the studio to promote the upcoming live music festival in Furness.

The following week will see acts that are new to Abbey FMs acoustic hour which incluse Bird of Pray and Cari Flower

Friday 25 April 2008

Free Promotion on the radio

Are you an acoustic act. If not then could you play and sing acoustically on the radio. This is your chance to promote yourself by appearing live on the radio.

It won;t cost you anything and its part of our programming to give local bands airtime to promote themselves and their music and on the face of it there is a lot of musical talent in the Furness and South Lakes area so if you feel you would like to come on the radio, have a chat and play some of your music then all you need to do is get in touch with me by emailing

All previous acts that have been on the show can be downloaded by clicking to the audio section of this blog and more information is available at myspace at

Live acoustic sessions last just under an hour and run Monday to Thursdays between 10pm and 11pm.

So what you waiting for. Drop me an email, tell me a little about yourself and your music and we will arrange a date for you to play live on the radio.

Friday Night Retro

Fridays Nights from 10pm is a little different from the rest of the week as we play some "feel good" tunes to get you in the mood to party. Join me from 10pm for 4 hours of retro sounds taking in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and playing those party tunes. Any dedications or requests for a friday night can be emailed to during the week ready for the show.

So if "RETRO" is your thing then Fridays Nights from 10pm is where I bring the party to a radio near you.

Furness Fest

It's One huge shot glass full of the best South Cumbrian talent, blended with a selection of the UK's finest unsigned artists and topped off with a splash of established international performers - resulting in a truly explosive cocktail of the best entertainment ever seen in the area!!

Abbey FM showcases local talent and run regular acoustic nights providing local bands with the chance to perform live on air and are delighted that many of Furness Fest’s performers continue to be a part of our broadcasting and are equally delighted to be associated with this fabulous event!

Get ready for the first ever Furness Fest on the Furness Peninsular

  • Three fun packed days and nights
  • Fully licensed 2,500 capacity
  • Secure 40 acre site with superb sea views
  • Free camping and parking
  • 50+ acts confirmed
  • Supervised children’s workshops
  • Amusements, competitions & exhibitions

Furness Fest 2008 will be based around Sinkfall Farm, Rakesmoor Lane. Spread over 40 acres, the Furness Fest site is an ideal place to get away from it all for a full weekend of celebration and relax into the atmosphere of the festival.

For full details please visit

Thursday 24 April 2008

The Prophets return to Abbey FM

It was a very busy show with emails and text messages coming in from all over. I was joined in the studio by The Prophets for a live acoustic session and also to promote their upcoming gigs and chat about the big event of the year in Barrow - Furness Fest.

The Prophets have their own website and a large following of fans and supporters at

Double click the photos to view full size.

This is their second session on Abbey FM and were back on the radio by popular demand and within minutes of the show ending there were already calls for them to come back for a third session. Keep an eye on this blog or for more info.

The photos were taken in the studio during the live session and so was the video.

The session can be downloaded HERE and a video of one of their songs performed live in the studio at Abbey FM is featured below.

Wednesday 23 April 2008

Tongue Tide [Live acoustic session]

Jodi and Ali known as Tongue Tide came into the studio, played live and acoustically and talked about their music and what they have to offer.

As well as an acoustic duo they also perform for weddings, funerals and other occasions. More info on them can be found at

The interview that was broadcast live on the radio can be downloaded HERE.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Gwen Hechle's Abbey Birthday

Gwen Hechle returned to the airwaves tonight and played acoustically live on the radio and she tells me that its a great way to celebrate her Birthday as she gets great enjoyment playing and singing no matter where, how or when.

Part way through the show I surprised Gwen with
a rather large Birthday cake which was a nice surprise
for her as she didn't expect it but you cant have a birthday without a cake.

Gwen had so many songs to play and so many requests from listeners that she has kindly agreed to come back next week and finish what she started so tune in next Thursday (1st May) to hear the concluding part of Gwens Abbey Birthday.

The complete Birthday Interview of the show can be downloaded HERE

Thursday 17 April 2008

Acoustic Sessions Live on Abbey FM

This Sunday from midnight sees a break from the late night phone in as we showcase some of the local talent that has appeared on the late show in the past. This leads us into next week starting Tuesday Night with live acousatic sessions in the studio on the radio from 10pm for the next 2 weeks.

The current line up is

Tue 22nd April Gwen Hechle acoustic session back by popular demand and celebrating her birthday (Part 1 of a Birthday acoustic session)

Wed 23rd April Tongue Tide acoustic session

Thu 24th April The Prophets

Mon 28th April Turtle Soup, Acoustic session

Tue 29th April Jon Regan and the JR Experience

Wed 30th April Chrissie Black acoustic session

Thu 1st May Gwen Hechle part 2 of a Birthday acoustic session

Wed 7th May Bird of Pray

The late night phone in returns the following Sunday where you can have your chance to coime on the radio and have your say in any topic that you like.

Wednesday 16 April 2008

Website reviews

I am being inundated with emails from people asking me if I can review their website on the radio and give it a free plug. As much as I dont mind doing this I must point out that there are certain limitations and restrictions.

Your website or any other website you would like to review must be either for fun, be educational or non-profit making. Basically providing its not a business website then it should be ok.

If you would like me to take a look at your website or you would like to get it promoted on the radio then email me with the website details and a few lines saying what its about and listen out to the show to hear it reviewed.

Friday 11 April 2008

Abbey Acoustic sessions on the way

Coming up on Abbey FM acoustic Hour are the following live acts playing and promoting themselves. If you would like to do the same then get in touch with me.

Tue 22 April Gwen Hechle returns to the airwaves and celebrates her Birthday at the same time.
Wed 23 April Tongue Tide make a welcome rturn by popular demand
Thu 24 April The Prophets are back in the spotlight

Mon 28 April Turtle Soup
Tue 29 April J.R. Experience
Wed 30 April Crissie Black

Thursday 10 April 2008

Booking a Taxicab to go to the Airport [Wind-up]

Thursday Night on the show I had the urge to make a phone call and so I rang A1 Taxis in Barrow and tried to order a nine seater taxi to take me to the airport. The result can be DOWNLOADED HERE.

If you know of anyone that would like a wind up then get in touch with me by email to bill @

From time to time I suddenly get the urge to ring somebody up and wind them up. Its usually unplanned but I do say that if anyone emails me asking me to wind someone up then I will do it.

The problem is that most people email me and ask me to wind someone up and thats it. No information, nothing to go on so I cant do it and those emails go ignored due to the vast amount of mail I get each day.

However, if you would like me to wind someone up then I need you to supply me with as much information about them that you can including what you want me to do to wind them up. The more info you provide then the more convincing it will be and a good chance it would get on the radio on the late show.

Thursday 3 April 2008

Late Night Phone In

Midnight Sundays on the radio. Join me, have a rant and rave, get it off your chest. Whatever annoys you. Anything you weant to talk about then talk about it. Call the studio direct 0871 900 1073 or text your comments in if you cant get to a phone. Maybe you are at work and want to make a comment but don`t ant the boss to know or maybe you dont want your voice recognised. Whatever the reason that you cant ring then you can text on the night to 07919261847 and your comments will be read on the radio or you can email me anytime you like with comments on anything and they will be used on the show. Email is

Listen to 107.3 FM around Furness from midnight Sundays for Abbeys late night phone in.

Hits and Headlines with a Twist

11pm Monday to Thursday we take a look at a light hearted story in the news and find songs that we could play that are connected with it. We started off this week on Monday chatting about Heather Mills and Paul McCartney playing songs such as "Money Money Money", "Moneys Too Tight to Mention", "Wide Eyed and Legless", DIVORCE, "She`s out of my life" and others. I suppose I could have played the Hokey Cokey :)

On Tuesday I got talking about David Cameron in the news riding his Bike the wrong way in one way streets and ignoring red lights. Somgs like Red light spells Danger, Queens Bicycle Race and Nine Million Bicycles got played as well as other songs for politicians such as Gypsys Tranps and Thieves and Fleetwood Macs - Lies.

Wednesday we chatted about the problems at the new airport terminal in London and played songs like Lutricia McNiels - Stranded and Westlife, flying without wings.

Thursday Night I am looking at the new parking laws where you can be given a parking ticket by camera so expect soings like Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies and Snow Patrol Chasing Cars.

Right then you get the drift.

I need you to email me or leave a comment here. Email addres is email me your news stories and songs that would go with it and listen to the show between 11pm and midnight Monday to Thursday while we play the hits connected to the headlines. The news stories dont have to be up to date but anything within the last few month will do.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Pirate radio targets UK [UPDATE]

Many thanks to all those who contacted us with reception reports.

Not sure what it was you were listening to as there was nothing there.


Pirate radio targets UK

A new illegal radio station has commenced broadcasting from the Irish Sea, targeting a new generation of iPod-owning radio listeners. The station, which is transmitting a signal of non-stop pop music from somewhere between Furness and the Isle of Man is now live on 87.5 FM and identifying itself as UK875.

It was thought in January that the file-sharing website from Sweden The Pirate Bay was planning to launch a radio station and now a radio signal is emitting from somewhere in the Irish Sea, The station is thought to be operating via a single computer with a large music database on 'shuffle' mode. It is not known if The Pirate Bay managed to secure the micro-nation, but if it did, this could be the first steps to providing free music to Europe.

We'll bring you more news on this as an official press conference is scheduled for later this morning. Meanwhile, you can send your reception reports to us. I personally would like to hear of any reception reports on this and ask that you email me direct to this address or leave your comments here on this blog.