Tuesday 21 July 2009

More Radio stuff

Its been a busy week for me sorting out website reviews as well as putting some stuff together for my production library and making up a few demos as well as doing a bit of taxi driving. This blog seems to be attarcting the attention of lots of people who are interested in my website review of the day and just a reminder that this is also open to other radio stations. If you are a radio presenter and looking for a website review of the day then please feel free to use any that are posted on this blog.

As for other radio stuff, I have not been doing much in the way of presenting but have been involved in a bit of background work producing sweepers and idents for a few stations. The other thing I have been doing is trying to keep up with the live music scene so if you are a musicianm and yopu have a gig in Cumbria then please email me and let me know and we can get it promoted here for you. Best of all , its all FREE of charge and lots of people read this blog.

I still have some airchecks and snippets from my shows on various radio stations and will eventually get round to uploaidng them onto my youtube site.

If you want to see videos of guests in the studio with me then check out www.youtube.com/billclarkontheradio

Below is a short video demo I`ve done.

Sunday 5 July 2009

CodeJak - Live

Codejak are playing live at Healeys Bar on Hindpool Road in Barrow on 18th July stataing at 9pm
More information can be found at at www.codejak.co.uk or phone Healeys Bar on 01229 823712

More Fun Filled Nights with Local Talented Band Codejak are coming up if you cant make this gig. Dates are at the bottom

Codejak was featured on my acoustic sessions live on Abbey FM and have since been signed to a record label and more recently been joined by the talented Jonny Regan from the J.R. Experience

You can hear live radio interviews with them and hear their songs by looking at the audio pages of this blog.

More dates from Codejak coming up.

1st August 2009 at The Kings on Dalton Road in Barrow
CodeJak are playing with New York’s finest: Adam Bomb! NOT TO BE MISSED!

Finally, if you want to see them live them get yourself down to Barrow Parks bandstand as they are playing there this afternoon

Saturday 4 July 2009

Website review of the day

The website review of the day feature is still going strong and used on a few radio stations (AM, FM and Internet based) that I have struck deals with so if you want your website reviewing on this blog then get in touch with me with the web address and a description about it.

If its reviewed then it will appear in this blog (allow time as there's so many and a backlog from people who have emailed) and once its in this blog then radio stations will lift it from the blog and use it in their programming so you never know whos`s gonna hear about it or read it.

Leave details in the comments section or email me direct