Thursday 27 March 2008

The Fallen Leaves

Rosie, Matt and Chris, collectively known as The Fallen Leaves played live on Abbey FMs acoustic Hour. Double click the photos to view full size.

The complete session live on Abbey FM on 27th March 2008 is now available for you to download by clicking HERE. Also check out the Fallen Leaves website at

The video is of one of their songs and was recorded live in the studios of Abbey FM.

Other interviews with guests on the Late Night show at Abbey FM can be found at and click on the audio link near the top of the page

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Louise Mary Martin

Louise Mary Martin played live and acoustically on
Abbey FMs acoustic slot.

Double click on the pics to view full size.

The show is available for download HERE.

A video of one of the songs recorded live in the studio is available to view below.

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Gwen returns to the airwaves

Gwen Hechle returned to the airwaves once again for a live acoustic session. She played a few cover versions as well as songs that she has penned herself together with the music.

Put Gwen with a guitar and using her own inspiration she will write the lyrics and the music that inspires her and she will then play it to an audience that have grown to know and love her style and her music.

Double click the image for full size.

The session which was live on Abbey FM can be downloaded HERE

A video of one of her songs recorded live in the studio at Abbey FM is below.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

43p Short

43p short is the name of a local 6 piece band. 3 of them joined me in the studio for an acoustic session. The audio can be downloaded HERE

Double click the photo for full size view.

A Video of one of their songs played live in the studio

Thursday 6 March 2008

Dave Duffin returns for Charity Night

Wednesdays acoustic session featured Dave Duffin live in the studio playing his music and promoting a charity night he has tomorrow night at the Canteen media and arts centre on Barrow island in aid of cancer research.

Dave can be seen here playing live from the studios at Abbey FM. Double click the picture for a full size image.

The interview can be downloaded HERE

Note: all interviews from all guests can be found in the audio section HERE

A Video of Dave playing one of his songs is below.

Wednesday 5 March 2008

Acoustic sessions at Abbey FM on youtube

You can now find videos of the acts that appear on Abbey FMs acoustic hour performing live in the studio. Just check out

More are added as and when they happen.

Jon Regan (J R Experience)

The guy is back in the radio studio at Abbey FM for another session and has written some new material.

Double click the image for a full size view.

To download the Abbey FM session click HERE.

To download a video filmed during the session then click HERE. This video will be available for a short time to download. Alternatively you can find it at

Find out more about this guy at

Tuesday 4 March 2008


They played live on Abbey FMs acoustic hour Monday 3rd March 2008.
They talked about their music and upcoming gigs as well as responded to numerous text messages sent to the studio by their fans.

Double click the image for full size

The session can be downloaded HERE and a video of one of their songs sang live in the studio can be downloaded HERE

Double click the image for full size

You can also watch this video on

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