Thursday 28 December 2006

Abbey FM News Team reports on Morecambe Bay Tragedy

A tragedy occurred in Morecambe Bay on Wednesday Evening and as soon as we heard about it the Abbey FM news team sprang into action to obtain as much information as possible and report on it live from the studios.

I was on air at the time and the news team and myself co-ordinated live reporting as it happened. Telephones were ringing and we were making calls to all sorts of sources to gather information and deal with the situation efficiently. Rosie from the News Team as well as myself sourced as much information as we could and Colin Yare [Programme Controller] kept listeners up to date by displaying information first hand on our website. The team worked together to bring the local people the news live as it happened.

It goes to show that smaller stations can cover major events as much as bigger stations and lets face it, a local station bringing the listener local news live as it happens just goes to show how dedicated Abbey FM is to the people of the Furness Peninsula.

Personally I would like to thank Rosie Hillman [News] and Colin Yare [P.C.] for job well done, especially liaising with myself and emergency services to bring the news direct to the listeners.

At the time of writing this one person is still missing and six bodies have been recovered from the site where the helicopter crashed on it's way to a gas rig in Morecambe Bay from Blackpool airport.

Tuesday 26 December 2006

Lonely at Christmas

On Christmas Days show we talked about loneliness at Christmas and how it affects people. Maybe you miss a loved one or have suffered mental or physical stress or perhaps you just need someone to talk to. We also mentioned pets as Christmas presents and pointed out that an animal is for life and not just for Christmas.

I also gave out some telephone numbers of organisations that maybe able to help over the festive period and these are listed below:-

  • Samaritans can be found at , The local branch is at 16 Hartington Street in Barrow and can be contacted 24 hrs a day on 01229 825656
  • Mind In Furness is there for any mental health and care in the community issues. The Barrow Branch is in School Street and can be contacted nationally on 0845 766 0163. Their website is at
  • Furness Carers association is available for anyone who cares for someone else and they can be contacted on the web at or by telephone Barrow 822822
  • Animal concerns should be directed at the RSPCA and they can be found by telephoning 0870 5555 999 or on the web at
  • If you are homeless or worried about it and need support then you need Barrow Homeless Support centre located at 27 Bath Street Barrow. Telephone 821177

If anyone reading this knows of any other organisations then please feel free to click on the comments link and leave details there

Monday 25 December 2006

Happy Xmas

Have a great Christmas and New Year. The hits and memories, interviews and website reviews are on hold til the first Monday of 2007.

Wednesday 20 December 2006

Non Stick

On Wednesday I was trying to figure out how they manage to stick the label onto a non-stick pan. Lets face it, If its advertised as "Non-stick" then why doesnt the label keep sliding off.

Wednesday 13 December 2006

Lost Production

my guest were a duo known as "Lost Production". We discussed their music and other influences in their music and what plans they have for the future as well as playing some tracks that they had performed. The interview is available for download from along with others.

Tuesday 5 December 2006


On Tuesday 5th December 2006 I chatted to Bill Myers who is the author of "BOOMTOWN" which is a book all about Barrow in the 1980s. He has also wrote other books in the series and we gave away a copy of this book live on the show to Steve Culley from Barrow who was the first one through with the correct answer to a teaser set by Bill Myers. Steve walks away with a copy of Boomtown courtesy of Bill Clark, Abbey FM and Bill Myers of Evening Mail Memories. This book and others in a series of memories in the Furness area are available to buy from the Evening Mail priced £7.99p each.

Local Bands of the 60s decade

Monday 4th December I reviewed a website for anyone interested in Cumbrian Bands of the 60s era. The website takes a look at bands from all over Cumbria that played in the 60s. Bands such as The Defenders, Chapter 5, The Menthis Roadshow and a whole host of others. Not only the 60s but bands from the past. Check out the website at

Friday 1 December 2006

The Fallen Leaves

Its the last day of November 2006 and tonight I talked to Matt Kassell and Abbey FM's very own Rosie Hillman. They call themselves "The Fallen Leaves" and came along to chat about their music. They brought their guitars with them and played some great acoustic music and sang live on the radio.

Check them out at

The interview can be downloaded