Wednesday 24 October 2007

Sewer Side Cafe

“A rising band in the local area, who have impressed audiences at The Canteen in recent months with “an alternative acoustic set” and a “youthful contemporary take on acoustic pop” From sunny Millom, it‘s Sewer Side Cafe”

Sewer Side Cafe played live and acoustically on Wednesday 24th October 2007 on the late show and were interviewed by me on 107.3 Abbey FM.

The interview is now available for download from the usual place at

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Tuesday 16 October 2007

Happy Abbey Birthday

ABBEY FM, the local station for the Furness Peninsula is 1 year old today. Please feel free to leave your comments or birthday wishes.

That means I have been here since the start and still enjoying every minute of it. The late show has seen some changes over the year and there are more to come.

Achievements on the late show this year have seen new up and coming bands promoted as well as listenership increase and the show is very popular. You only have to read back through this blog to find out what we have achieved.

Not only have I promoted local bands but also big name bands as well. If you are a local band please get in touch and we could be having you on the show.

More info can be found at www.myspacecom/billclarkontheradio

To celebrate this first birthday we are inviting you to join us this Sunday (21st October 2007) at Craven Park Rugby Ground in Barrow between 12 noon and 4pm for a great family fun day where you can have a great day out and meet the Abbey FM Team.

Thanks to everyone at Abbey FM for a good year and for making great local radio.

Check out the Abbey FM website for more info.

Saturday 13 October 2007

From Late show to Breakfast

There have been no website reviews for a couple of weeks and this is still on hold due to the fact I have been covering the Breakfast show and not been able to sort any out. If anyone has a great website they would like reviewed on the late show then please email me

The Rezillos live on Abbey FMs Late Show

I had the oppertunity of chatting to the Rezillos and playing their music on the late show on Thursday night.

The rezillos were formed in the 1970s and have appeared on Top of The Pops and shared a stage with Souxie and the Banshees and other pop icons of that era. They also wrote the song "Dont you want me" for the Human League,

Pictured left to right are The Rezillos, Eugene Reynolds, Bill Clark (Abbey FM Radio Presenter), Johnny T., Fay Fife, Angel Patterson and Jo Callis. Credit to the photograph goes to Fays son, Eliot Hynd (Double click the image to enlarge)

Jo Callis is the man who gave the Human League a top hit by writing "Don't You Want Me" and also was once part of them.

They appeared live at the Canteen Media and Arts centre in Barrow last night and the radio interview including their original "Dont you want me" is availabe for download.

Click here to download


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Please check out their websites at and their myspace site at