Thursday 24 April 2008

The Prophets return to Abbey FM

It was a very busy show with emails and text messages coming in from all over. I was joined in the studio by The Prophets for a live acoustic session and also to promote their upcoming gigs and chat about the big event of the year in Barrow - Furness Fest.

The Prophets have their own website and a large following of fans and supporters at

Double click the photos to view full size.

This is their second session on Abbey FM and were back on the radio by popular demand and within minutes of the show ending there were already calls for them to come back for a third session. Keep an eye on this blog or for more info.

The photos were taken in the studio during the live session and so was the video.

The session can be downloaded HERE and a video of one of their songs performed live in the studio at Abbey FM is featured below.

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