Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Pirate radio targets UK

A new illegal radio station has commenced broadcasting from the Irish Sea, targeting a new generation of iPod-owning radio listeners. The station, which is transmitting a signal of non-stop pop music from somewhere between Furness and the Isle of Man is now live on 87.5 FM and identifying itself as UK875.

It was thought in January that the file-sharing website from Sweden The Pirate Bay was planning to launch a radio station and now a radio signal is emitting from somewhere in the Irish Sea, The station is thought to be operating via a single computer with a large music database on 'shuffle' mode. It is not known if The Pirate Bay managed to secure the micro-nation, but if it did, this could be the first steps to providing free music to Europe.

We'll bring you more news on this as an official press conference is scheduled for later this morning. Meanwhile, you can send your reception reports to us. I personally would like to hear of any reception reports on this and ask that you email me direct to this address bill@abbeyfm.co.uk or leave your comments here on this blog.

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