Thursday, 3 April 2008

Hits and Headlines with a Twist

11pm Monday to Thursday we take a look at a light hearted story in the news and find songs that we could play that are connected with it. We started off this week on Monday chatting about Heather Mills and Paul McCartney playing songs such as "Money Money Money", "Moneys Too Tight to Mention", "Wide Eyed and Legless", DIVORCE, "She`s out of my life" and others. I suppose I could have played the Hokey Cokey :)

On Tuesday I got talking about David Cameron in the news riding his Bike the wrong way in one way streets and ignoring red lights. Somgs like Red light spells Danger, Queens Bicycle Race and Nine Million Bicycles got played as well as other songs for politicians such as Gypsys Tranps and Thieves and Fleetwood Macs - Lies.

Wednesday we chatted about the problems at the new airport terminal in London and played songs like Lutricia McNiels - Stranded and Westlife, flying without wings.

Thursday Night I am looking at the new parking laws where you can be given a parking ticket by camera so expect soings like Bucks Fizz - My Camera Never Lies and Snow Patrol Chasing Cars.

Right then you get the drift.

I need you to email me or leave a comment here. Email addres is email me your news stories and songs that would go with it and listen to the show between 11pm and midnight Monday to Thursday while we play the hits connected to the headlines. The news stories dont have to be up to date but anything within the last few month will do.

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