Monday 30 June 2008

Your Intentions

New to the late show, a local band called Your Intentions played live on the acoustic hour. The response by text was overwhelming and they are playing at the Walney Bridge Centenary on 27th July so go along and see them there.

The whole session on the radio is available for download by clicking HERE

A video of one of their songs recorded live in the studios is below.

Double click on the images to view full size

Sunday Night topical debate

What a busy night. The late night topical debate has really took off, talking and arguing about whatever you want to discuss. Thanks to all the callers, people who emailed and texted in and thanks to those people who took time out to talk to me on the streets of Barrow about issues that they wanted to bring up.

Join me next Sunday and we will do it again. If you want to email your issues, points, feelings, thoughts etc etc to me for broadcast on the show then email Also you can leave comments at the end of this post.

Meanwhile, have your say on any issue you like. Email me as mentioned above or on the night you can telephone the studio on 0871 900 1073, don't worry, we wont put you on the radio if you dont want to go on. You can also text in on the night which sees to be the most populest way of interacting with the show at the moment. Do it on the night to 07799 09 29 05

Do you have any ideas for next weeks show or the one after. Do you want to have your voice heard or your comments commented on, then email me now or leave comments below.

Sunday 29 June 2008

Local Issues

Tonights late night phone in and debate is focused locally on Barrow and asks, "Has Barrow lost its identity" Things such as marshes pop, The old Cream and white buses, Bruccis etc etc. ANy memories on this then leave them as comments please

Saturday 28 June 2008

Barrow Carnival

Today was Barrow Carnival and I couldnt be there due to the fact that yesterday I was in hospital for an endoscopy and was under sedation so couldnt work and needed to work today instead to make up any losses. Ulverston Carnival is next Saturday and Walney carnival is next Sunday.

Oh.. and regards the outcome of my endoscopy, I didnt get the answer that I would have liked from the specialist but hey, ho.. life goes on for now.

Friday 27 June 2008

More line up changes to acoustic session.

After a reshuffle and also more acts wanting to come on the show the new list is as follows.

THURSDAY 10th JULY 2008 --> 43p SHORT
WEDNESDAY 16th JULY 2008 --> TONGUE TIDE - The Twisted Cabaret

Thursday 26 June 2008

Furness Fest [3 weeks to go]

Carl Hallows from Furness Fest with all the latest news and gossip will be on the show from 10pm

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Another reshuffle of the bands

Some bands couldnt make the dates they originally wanted due to last minute gigs or holidays so the line up has been reshuffled again.

The current line up as of today is

Thu 26th June CARL HALLOWS
Tue 1st July GWEN HECHLE
Thu 10th July 43p SHORT
Wed 16th July TONGUE TIDE
Thu 17th July DAVID DUFFIN

Dates are still available for live acoustic sessions. If you are interested then get in touch. Call me direct 01229 808222 and leave a message.

The following Dates are available at the time of writing this.

Mon 7th July
Tue 8th July
Wed 9th July
Mon 14th july

Monday 23 June 2008


Local Band ATLAS made their radio debut in Abbey FMs studios tonight and the session can be downloaded HERE.

A video of one of their songs recorded live in the studio is below.

Double click the photo to view full size.

Holiday cover

It appears that from around 18th july I will not be presenting the late show for a week and a bit as I am covering the mid morning show from 10am to 2pm so between the 18th and 29th July you will find me there. The late night phone in on Sunday night will continue as normal but please remember that the phone in and debate does not go out on Bank Holidays and we have one of them coming up at the end of August

Sunday 22 June 2008

Acoustic Reshuffle

Due to a bit of a change around and holiday cover coming up I have had to do a slight reshuffle with some of the acts I have lined up for the late show. The current line up as of todays date is as follows

Mon 23rd June ATLAS
Thu 26th June CARL HALLOWS
Tue 1st July GWEN HECHLE
Thu 3rd July 43p SHORT
Wed 16th July TONGUE TIDE

Dates are still available for live acoustic sessions. If you are interested then get in touch. Call me direct 01229 808222 and leave a message.

The following Dates are available at the time of writing this.

Tue 24th June
Wed 25th June

Mon 7th July
Tue 8th July
Mon 14th july
Thu 17th July

Saturday 21 June 2008

Askam Carnival

It took place today and unfortunately rained. I couldnt make it due to work commitments and if you missed Askam Carnival then theres also Barrows in a weeks time. I wont be at that one either as I am in hospital the day before and need to work to make up lost revenue. Oh well. Looking forward to The Walney One in July.

Friday 20 June 2008

This Weekend

Seems a bit of a change around with the schedule for Saturday as Colin is now on 5am-8am then Denis from 8am til Midday. John is standing in for Gary Young on Saturday Sport bringing you all the latest in local and national sporting events.

This Saturday also sees the team at Askam Carnival. So get yourself along, grab a car sticker and say hello

Thursday 19 June 2008

The Prophets

Tonight from 10pm live on Abbey Fms acoustic slot. "The Prophets". Talking about their love of music, Furness Fest and playing live and acoustically on the radio.

They have new material and played it on the show.

The whole session live on Abbey FM is available for download HERE

View the video of The Prophets performing one of their new songs that was filmed live in the studio tonight.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Furness Fest (only 4 weeks to go)

Carl Hallows joins me in the studio tonight from 10pm to talk about local acts appearing live at Furness Fest. Find out more at their website

Tuesday 17 June 2008

Friends of Furness Fest 2008 Live Music & Arts Festival,

It's been a long time since the early festival news bulletins kind of ground to a halt due to increasingly limited time to write them! However as we quickly approach the festival date, it gives me great pleasure to announce details of the Official Furness Fest 2008 Live Music & Arts Festival Launch Party!!

The evening of Thursday 3rd July will see a great evening of live music, fun and frolics as the Furness Fest Team throw a gig for everyone who is connected to or just interested in the event!

Our chosen venue for the evening will be The Nines, Barrow in Furness - a prime nightspot with a growing focus on live music.

We'll be holding FREE prize draws for Furness Fest tickets and tour shirts and we'll be around to answer all your questions about this exciting and brand new event.

And the best thing is it will be FREE entry!

Come along from 8pm and help us to make it a night to remember!

For more details contact The Nines, Dalkieth St, Barrow in Furness,

Best regards,

The Furness Fest 2008 Team

If you require more info then contact Carl Hallows on 079580 70338 or Email:

Sunday 15 June 2008

New text Number

077 99 09 29 05 is the new text number and it seems listeners have took to it straight away due to the high volume of texts received on Sunday nights late night debate.

Its the new text number and the only text number in use for the studio so delete any other text number you may have.

Saturday 14 June 2008

Late Night Debate at New Time

Sunday Nights late night debate and phone in now kicks off at 11pm. Phone lines and text numbers are open from 10pm and you can text or telephone us about anything you would like to mention on the radio and we will call you back after 11pm.

To get in touch with the show and have your say on anything you like you can do it in the following ways

On the night from 10pm
Telephone 01229 845888 and register your call and we will ring you back.
Text your comments on any issue to 077 99 09 29 05 (Note, its a new text number)

24hrs a day you can put your point across by emailing it to or you can leave a voice message on 01229 808222

All telephone numbers are charged at normal rates.

Alternatively you can use the good old fashioned method and put pen to paper and write to me at this address

Bill Clark
The Late Show
Abbey FM
22A Duke Street
Barrow In Furness
LA14 1HH

Live Acoustic sessions on Abbey FM

The following acts have been lined up for an acoustic session on Abbey FM. They are either appearing at Furness Fest or the Walney Bridge centenary celebrations. There are still a few dates left if any acts want to perform acoustically live on the radio

WEDNESDAY 18th JUNE 2008 --> CARL HALLOWS - Furness Fest
MONDAY 23rd JUNE 2008 --> ATLAS
WEDNESDAY 2nd JULY 2008 --> ORANGE HEART Cancelled
WEDNESDAY 16th JULY 2008 --> TONGUE TIDE - The Twisted Cabaret
MONDAY 21st JULY 2008 --> DAVID DUFFIN - Celebrating the centenary of Jubilee Bridge

Friday 13 June 2008

Buzz Hawkins - The Bradshaws - The Interview

Thursday Night I had an exclusive interview for Abbey FM with Buzz Hawkins. After talking to Buzz I also had the opportunity to talk to the characters, Billy, Audrey and Alf.

You can download the interview HERE and tune in Monday to Thursday at 11.15pm and 12.15am to 107.3 Abbey FM.

As The Bradshaws are now "Home to Abbey FMs Late Show" then I urge you to check out their website and find out more about them. You can buy Bradshaws CDs on their website. Go on... Don`t be stingy, buy a CD. The money will put new shoes on the lad.

Click this link to go to their website

Oh, yes, before I forget, if you want to see one of their shows the next one

Friday 20th June ~
showtime 7.45pm
Ormskirk Civic Hall,
Southport Road,
West Lancashire,
L39 1LN

Tickets £10
Tel: 0845 1309517 (local rate)

Thursday 12 June 2008

New Text Number

Gawd knows why the sudden change of text number but it happened without warning at sometime today so disgard the old number you had for texting the studio and use the new one which is

07799 09 29 05

Whilst on the subject of numbers, if you are a local band or solo artist and want to come on the show or maybe you are a listener who wants a mention or song playing and would like to do the dedication themselves then you can leave a message for broadcast on my own personal voicebank. Call 01229 808 222 and leave your message.

The Bradshaws Interview on Abbey FM Tonight

Join me tonight and find out what Buzz Hawkins, the inventer and creator of The Bradshaws has to say. From the studios of Abbey FM from 11pm.

Monday 9 June 2008

The Bradshaws Interview on Abbey FM

This Thursday sometime between 11pm and Midnight Buzz Hawkins joins me for a chat about his fictional characters, "The Bradshaws" - - - - - or maybe its the other way round, The Bradshaws join me in the studio to talk about the fictional Buzz Hawkins.

Find out more and listen to the interview with the man who made the Bradshaws on Abbey FMs late show this Thursday between 11pm and midnight.

Sunday 8 June 2008

New time for late night phone in and debate

Don`t forget the late night phone in and debate tonight at the new time of 11pm.
Phone in on the night on 01229 845888

Bradshaws in Chorley

This weekend I was in Chorley having a chat to the creator of The Bradshaws, Buzz Hawkins. What a fantastic night. Its a show definitely not to be missed. If you lived in the time of pre-decimalisation in the days of pounds, shillings and pence and can relate to life around the 1950s where the streets were cobbled, gas lamps were outside, the washing was done with a dolly tub and a mangle. If you remember tin baths in front of the fire and outside toilets with old bits of newspaper threaded on a string for toilet roll then you should be able to relate to this way of life.

Join Buzz Hawkins, Author of the Bradshaws as he takes you back in time to bygone days in a comical look at life with Alf, Audrey and little Billy.

Find out where they are appearing next and also tune into Abbey FM week nights at 11.15pm and 12.15am for a dose of life in the olden days.

All I can say is if you havent seen them then check out these websites and find out where they are next and grab yerself some tickets to go and see 'em

Saturday 7 June 2008

Out and About

The Carnival season is on the way and we have quite a lot lined up.

21st June Askam carnival
28th June Barrow carnival
5th July Ulverston carnival
6th july Walney carnival

Then there's Furness Fest and the Walney bridge centenary celebrations on the way.

Friday 6 June 2008

Website reviews

I`m on the lookout for some good useful or useless websites to review. if you have a good one then get in touch with me either by email or leaving a message on my voicebank on 01229 808222

Wednesday 4 June 2008


She is 6 years old today, had her since she was a pup, cant believe time goes so fast. She was born this day on a farm in Ulverston.

Monday 2 June 2008

Salthouse Mills Fire

Sunday Night was a busy show as during the course of the show I was alerted to road closures and a big fire by local listeners and after making calls to Police HQ and the Fire Control Room to confirm things .

It seems Salthouse Mills was on Fire. It started around 9.10pm and when I last spoke with Fire Control at just after Midnight they told me there were 8 appliances at the scene and the fire was still burning.

Photo courtesy of Bobs Taxitales

Sunday 1 June 2008

Late Night Phone In

Don't forget, the late night phone in at a new time tonight. 11pm. Call text or email and debate or chat about anything you like

Buzz Hawkins and The Bradshaws

I had a great night in Chipping with Buzz Hawkins and The Bradshaws. Looking forward to another show soon. If you want to see Buzz Hawkins performing live with The Bradshaws then find out more at and tune into the late show to hear them at 11.15pm and an hour later at 12.15am

The photo shows Buzz Hawkins. Agent Jennifer Shaw and Myself

The next event if you want to see them live is

Saturday 7th June -
Chorley Little Theatre
Dole Lane, Chorley,
Lancs, PR7 2RL

Tel: 0845 1309517 (local rates)

or Malcolm's Musicland, Chapel Street, Chorley Tel 01257 264362 - £10.00