Wednesday, 17 September 2008

This weeks Late Night Phone In and Debate

Join me this Sunday (21st September) for a late night debate via text phone and email.

You can email your comments right now if you like or leave them on this blog and they will be used in the show.

Some of the things we will be debating include looking at the governments new deal to help people with rising fuel costs. How will this affect you. Do you think its a good idea.

Is the credit crunch harming your health? Should you "Heat or Eat" How has it affected you?

Also in view of drunken stupor. Have you ever ended up in casualty after drinking too much?

Do you think that parents should have greater access to sex offender information and will it ensure greater safety for children?

Email your comments on these or any other subjects you`d like to discuss tome or leave your comments on the blog and join me this Sunday from 11pm for a late night debate on the radio

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