Tuesday 5 December 2006

Local Bands of the 60s decade

Monday 4th December I reviewed a website for anyone interested in Cumbrian Bands of the 60s era. The website takes a look at bands from all over Cumbria that played in the 60s. Bands such as The Defenders, Chapter 5, The Menthis Roadshow and a whole host of others. Not only the 60s but bands from the past. Check out the website at www.fenderstrat.co.uk



You got same great links here.. Particularly like this one..

Bill said...

I`m always on the lookout for websites to review and publicise live on the radio show. If you have any then email them to me bill@abbeyfm.co.uk and I may use them on the show. Doesnt matter where they are as the show is broadcast round the world on the internet as well as FM radio means anyone can tune in.