Thursday 28 December 2006

Abbey FM News Team reports on Morecambe Bay Tragedy

A tragedy occurred in Morecambe Bay on Wednesday Evening and as soon as we heard about it the Abbey FM news team sprang into action to obtain as much information as possible and report on it live from the studios.

I was on air at the time and the news team and myself co-ordinated live reporting as it happened. Telephones were ringing and we were making calls to all sorts of sources to gather information and deal with the situation efficiently. Rosie from the News Team as well as myself sourced as much information as we could and Colin Yare [Programme Controller] kept listeners up to date by displaying information first hand on our website. The team worked together to bring the local people the news live as it happened.

It goes to show that smaller stations can cover major events as much as bigger stations and lets face it, a local station bringing the listener local news live as it happens just goes to show how dedicated Abbey FM is to the people of the Furness Peninsula.

Personally I would like to thank Rosie Hillman [News] and Colin Yare [P.C.] for job well done, especially liaising with myself and emergency services to bring the news direct to the listeners.

At the time of writing this one person is still missing and six bodies have been recovered from the site where the helicopter crashed on it's way to a gas rig in Morecambe Bay from Blackpool airport.

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