Friday 20 February 2009

Jon Byrne - Upcoming Event

It's Boring Being in Control

Jon Byrne New Album Release Date - 6th April 2009

Thats the name of the new Album release by Barrows Jon Byrneon has recently toured the country including Glastonbury. He won best new act, which gave him the opportunity to release his music on the Militant Records label.

Jons style and songwriting ability is described as a bittersweet combination of folk, blues drawing inspiration from 60s protest music with a dash of punk,

Jon may have drawn a lot of inspiration from Barrow in his music and lyrics, as some characters in songs are loosely based on famous folk from these parts, particularly on the track Don’t Let Life Get You Down.

He will play two album launch gigs in Barrow on March 28 at The Nines, Dalkeith Street. The first performance, which will be an acoustic gig, will start at 3pm until 6pm for over 14s. Later he will perform in a double headline gig with his band and The Smiths Indeed. Tickets are £10.

Jon has also been prominently featured on my late night acoustic slots recently on Abbey FM and a search of this blog for Jon Byrne should turn up video and audio snippets

See you at the Nines on 28th March

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