Monday 8 September 2008

RUSSELL - Barrows Dog Walking Legend

This is something I would have liked to review live on the show but due to circumstances beyond my control I`m sorry but it cant yet be done. However, having known Russell for a number of years I personally feel that the website below is in good taste and is worthy of a mention on my blog at least. Having spoke to Russell he seems more than happy about the website even though it was put together by someone else.

The author of the site is quoted as saying. "It started about three weeks ago when a group of friends were slightly inebriated and discussing our love of this little tin pot, one
horse town called Barrow and we got on to talking about local characters and Russels name cropped up as he is well known locally by just about everyone in the town and is a local legend.

After talking about Russells zest for life and the love of his town and local area. this has given him celebrity status among Barrovians.

So what if he's not George Clooney? He is still that lovable friendly face and voice that we all know This is a man who is happy doing what he does, every day of his life withtotal commitment and a smile. how many of us can say that?

How many people say " I wish i'd done this or that" or "i hate my job".........not Russel.

He is affectionately know him as Mad Russ but you really have to wonder, are we the mad ones?

A facebook group was set up to celebrate and show appreciation

for a truly genuine man, one of the cheekiest and hardest working characters
to go down in Barrovian folklore.A shortcut to his facebook site is at

Visit the site and join the group if you have facebook, maybe
leave a russ - related story or perhaps even any photos of the man himself in order to pay homage to a true Barrovian. But please keep it and respectful because we feel that this man aptly sums up the mood and and community spirit of Barrow itself. We do not intend any offence to Russel whatsoever, we are seriously trying to give him the credit he deserves as seeing Russ out and about brightens everybodys day.

Russell - we salute you.


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