Monday 11 August 2008

An Alarming experience

There I was sat in the studio preesenting my late night show tonight when around 12.10am when an alarm got my attention. Turns out the fire alarm had triggered and after looking around the building and finding nothing and doing all the usual like making sure fire doors are shut I decided that it was time to vacate the building (well I was persuaded by a fire officer).

Anyway I left the building and even though it wasn't on fire, the alarm system is linked to all the buildings in the complex and it turned out to be a false alarm triggered in another building.

The fire officer would not let me return to the studio until everything had been checked and the alarms reset and luckily in this world of computerisation that we live in, all I had to do was hit one button (like a panic button) and that kept the radio station on air with random music until the situation was resolved.

What an eventful night it turned out to be. Very busy on the last night phone in and debate and then the fire alarm. Dont want too many of these on my show.

Still, it did allow me to put into practice what we had been taught at fire training at a staff meeting... Now then, where did I put that extinguisher:)

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