Thursday, 3 July 2008

Jon Byrne returns to the airwaves

A special one off acoustic session live on Abbey FMs acoustic hour with Jon Byrne.

Jon Byrne's live performances have to be seen to be believed; with exuberant foot stomping, anarchic personality syndrome and broken strings. He then cleverley whisks you off into a seemingly tranquil state that leads you into a false sense of security by giving you soft tones, fragile heart strings and emotional roller coasters, before slapping you in the face once again with the honest realism of social degeneration and urban cataclysm. Jon Byrne is a 'finger on the trigger' zeitgeist troubadour.

Check out his website at and tune into Abbey FMs acoustic Hour this Tuesday 8th July from 10pm

Jon has been living and playing down in London and is back in Barrow for a very short time and its a pleasure to have him back on the radio to talk about his life and loves of music as well as playing his songs.

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