Monday, 7 July 2008

Help Stop Bullying.- Late Night debate

This weeks late night debate and phone in attracted a very large number of comments, especially when we got onto the subject of bullying and I did promise to look into it a little further and see where help is available.

First of all a big thankyou to the young girl who came forward to tell her story on the radio. I promised you anonymity and it will stay that way. The discussion sparked a large response and other people contacted the show saying they were vistims of bullying and telling their stories.

Now, I want you to read on and see if this helps you.

Bullying can be a complex issue for parents of children with special needs. Things like language delays, academic frustrations, motor-skill problems, lack of understanding of social cues, and sensory-integration issues can make kids bigger targets for teasing, but they can also cause them to set themselves up for teasing, as well as do things that are perceived as bullying to others.

Check out

One thing I like about the Stop Bullying Now! site is that it regards all aspects of bullying and offers suggestions equally to those who bully, those who watch bullying, and those who bully. The lines between those groups are often not as rigid as many anti-bullying programs make them out to be, and the videos and other resources on this site work to help students think these issues through and understand what others may be feeling.

Hope this information helps

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