Monday, 7 January 2008

Welcome to 2008

Hello and welcome to 2008. Hope its gonna be a good year for you and after what turned out to be an excellent Christmas and a nice break its time to get back to normal so tune into Abbey FM either on 107.3Mhz FM or listen on line at from 10pm weeknights to the Late Show bringing you a feature packed late nights entertainment hosted by yours truly....

Listen out for The Bradshaws, The Club Sarnie, The Midnight Jukebox, The Hits and Headlines as we backtrack through a timewarp to years gone by. As well as the website review of the day which will be featured in this blog, it all starts with an hour of acoustic music to relax and wind down to as part of Abbey FMs Chill Factor with Abbey Acoustic from 10pm

So if you're up late at night no matter what you are doing then turn on, tune in and let Abbey FM help you through the night. Its late, its live and best of all its local and you can interact with the show in a number of ways.

To contact the show just phone 0871 900 1073 or text 07919 261847 after 10pm or at any other time you can email or if you are feeling really adventurous why not leave a message to be broadcast on the show. Just call 01229 808222 and leave your message to be broadcast, its as simple as that.

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