Wednesday 23 May 2007

Late Night interactive radio

Starting Monday 4th June 2007, late night interactive radio with guests and chat. I`m looking for anyone who is interested in coming into the studio between 11pm and midnight as a guest to chat about any aspect of the Furness area (It has to be this as that's what the radio station is about) and inviting callers to call in and put their views across.

At first there wont be many calls as it would need to get established but it gives the listener the chance to interact and gives you guest the chance to go on the radio. To start with the show will be a mixture of music and chat until it builds up and the guest will also choose the music to a degree

If anyone is interested in being a guest on the late night show and would like to be in the studio with me between 11pm and midnight Mondays to Thursdays then please get in touch with me direct at the following:

Phone and leave your details on 01229 808222
email me direct
or write to me at the address below

The sort of people I am looking for is people who have any standing in the area, some of Furness characters, people who have lived here all their lives., in fact, anyone who has a story to tell about the area is welcome to be a guest.

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